Commercial lift

Business owners want to make their places easier for everyone to access, especially for those who find stairs hard to use. Installing a commercial lift or elevator is a good way to make your business more friendly and open to all customers! We can set up and maintain commercial lifts and elevators across all over the Australia.

Our commercial lifts will fit smoothly into almost any business space without needing a lot of extra work. Take a look at some of our special installations for inspiration!

Commercial Elevator

Within a business setting, commercial elevators can be used to lift objects and groups of all sizes. A commercial elevator can range in size from a dumbwaiter to a freight elevator. Businesses that need to transport small objects from floor to floor, like books and dishes, can make great use of a dumbwaiter. Other businesses will need to move large, heavy loads of cargo brought in with a forklift or other heavy machinery, and a freight elevator is built to withstand this sort of use.


300kg to 1250kg


0.15m/s to 0.63m/s

Travel max

Up to 16m


Custom Made to Size


From 100mm


230v or 400v