Benefits of vacuum lift

Vacuum (Air) lifts

Air lifts are powered by AIR.

A pneumatic elevator, also known as a tube elevator or vacuum elevator, showcases that an elegant and functional home lift doesn’t need to occupy significant space. Unlike conventional elevators, Vacuum lifts do not need a pit, shaft, cables, pistons and machine room for installation. This enables them to be fitted into existing or new construct compact areas with minimal disruption.

Additionally, a pneumatic elevator features its self-supporting panoramic shaft. This shaft comprises a transparent, airtight plexiglass tube with a specially designed vacuum at its apex. As the vacuum withdraws air from the top of the shaft, the elevator car—a plexiglass cylinder within the shaft—ascends at a controlled pace. This affords passengers the opportunity to travel between floors while enjoying a 360-degree panoramic view.

Types of vacuum lift

Home Elevator PVE 30

Single passenger elevator

Home Elevator PVE 37

Two passenger elevator

Home Elevator PVE 52

Three passenger elevator